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checking in, pushing pause, turning the page

leaning into the challenge. today marks the end of my first 6 months on my new job. there were multiple times during the first couple of months when i had serious doubts i would make it, but around the first … Continue reading

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you can’t possibly have that many friends

What is it about Facebook that both legitimizes and yet trivializes our real-life interactions? “I’m sorry, do I know you?” “Well, we’re friends on Facebook…” Doh! I have lost track of how many times I will say to my new … Continue reading

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I know I’ve mentioned my “personal” website on Facebook and/or Twitter before. But, I’m kind of proud of how things are turning out over at andrewburden.com as I have now migrated from iWeb format to WordPress. The section/slider “ministry” is … Continue reading

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when you do the math, togetherville still leaves a gap

I think I had heard of this new little social media site called Togetherville, but when I saw this on the Orange Leaders blog today it peaked my curiosity. Togetherville.com is a site where the “pre-Facebook crowd and their grownups” … Continue reading

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the twitterverse has spoken

A few items from my Twitter feeds stood out over the past day or two. It turns out spending time with our families makes us way happier than connecting online. The Happiness Barometer says so. Can I get a “well … Continue reading

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do you need a digital sabbath? (published at youthspecialties.com)

I am old enough to technically be called a digital immigrant, though I have been strongly Internet-connected since the mid-1990s. I cannot imagine being born into a world that has always had widely-available Internet, always had some form of instant … Continue reading

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going off the grid

It’s that time of year when I get asked if I gave anything up for Lent. Basic small talk in many of the circles I run in. It tends to be somewhat awkward for me, because it’s been a long … Continue reading

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