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engaging hope in a thousand ways (we fall down, but we get up)

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, snort, hack, yawn… I’m up, I’m up. It was a shorter mission trip week than we’ve had in many years, yet I am also physically more tired than I’ve been in a long time. We returned only moderately late … Continue reading

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into the wild blue (mission trip) yonder

I’ll be going somewhat off grid next week, but not completely. We head to Omaha for our Know Sweat trip early on Monday. I will endeavor to post as I’m able via Twitter and/or Facebook. You can also follow my … Continue reading

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the blessing i have to reject

I am Irish. Well, Irish enough. You’d never know it from looking at me. 6’4″ bald guy? Hardly leprechaun stock. But my mother, her mother, and her mother before that are/were all flaming Irish redheads. I’m at least 1/4 Irish … Continue reading

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holy anger and other goals

Yesterday in our first combined mission team meeting with our friends at Christian Fellowship, the kids worked with sections of a prayer of St. Francis I hadn’t heard before. We have always encouraged the kids to memorize the well-known “Prayer … Continue reading

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where are you taking that plow?

It’s official. I really don’t like winter weather. When I was a kid, or even a full-time teacher, snow days were amazing. But driving in this recent spat of holiday snow has made me pretty cranky toward the whole thing. … Continue reading

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