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built to last (published in student life’s youth minister newsletter)

recruiting new volunteers is one of the last things you should focus on. God will bring you who you need if you keep your eyes and ears open. the trick is keeping quality leaders around long enough to make an … Continue reading

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boys will be boys (published at

from the sandbox to the construction site, being male is often associated with a natural spirit of trouble-making. you don’t have to be on john eldridge’s mailing list to recognize that there is an untamed energy that is uniquely masculine. … Continue reading

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do you need a digital sabbath? (published at

I am old enough to technically be called a digital immigrant, though I have been strongly Internet-connected since the mid-1990s. I cannot imagine being born into a world that has always had widely-available Internet, always had some form of instant … Continue reading

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What do you do with the kid who’s different? The boy who wears eye makeup and has black fingernails, the girl who goes through five shades of hair color every two weeks, the bookworm amidst athletic kids, the student who … Continue reading

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