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i have a dream

i am happy to join with you today with the utmost respect for the day we celebrate our independence as a nation. inspired by the great civil rights leader whose impact i could never hope to duplicate, nevertheless I believe … Continue reading

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you can’t possibly have that many friends

What is it about Facebook that both legitimizes and yet trivializes our real-life interactions? “I’m sorry, do I know you?” “Well, we’re friends on Facebook…” Doh! I have lost track of how many times I will say to my new … Continue reading

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when you do the math, togetherville still leaves a gap

I think I had heard of this new little social media site called Togetherville, but when I saw this on the Orange Leaders blog today it peaked my curiosity. is a site where the “pre-Facebook crowd and their grownups” … Continue reading

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eating as a sin

Sometime over the course of the last few years, my mom and my sister became vegetarians. My aunt (mom’s sister) does not eat red meat, nor does she eat foods with added sugar (i.e. sweets, etc.). So where else would … Continue reading

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kids’ sense of entitlement may be mr. rogers’ fault

Sometimes the tumble of thoughts in my brain just happens to resonate with the broader culture. Without divulging any identifying details, I have been increasingly troubled by the sense of entitlement I see in my ministry context – as well … Continue reading

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thrash early, finish well

Today was my creativity deadline. As of today, all artistic elements of the video project I do for our graduating seniors each year are locked down. In the past, I have come to the final days (before the seniors and … Continue reading

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one-eared mickey mouse

I love my church. I suppose I would have said that at any point along my journey through several churches and parachurch ministry environments, ranging from simple and passionate, to manipulative and ultimately toxic, to healthy and vibrant. In the … Continue reading

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