shuffle challenge, day 6 (freebies!)

the journey has come to its end. these last few songs were 100% hand picked and represent some of the pivotal moments in my life. it’s the watersheds without an associated song that i have trouble recalling as well.

secret ambition – michael w. smith i spent much of my junior and senior years of high school attending various church activities and Christian club gatherings at school, reading the bible, and listening to Christian radio, but lacked a clear understanding of what it truly meant to believe in Christ. on the invitation of a friend from fca, I found myself on new year’s eve of my senior year at a music video party. one video played was “secret ambition,” which included a vivid depiction of the crucifixion. as midnight approached, the youth pastor gave a gospel invitation, and I mark that night as the beginning of my walk with Christ as I prayed for him to be my Lord.

Michael W. Smith – Secret Ambition


not home yet – steven curtis chapman we live in tension, between the now and the not-yet. in the weeks and months following the shootings at columbine high school, 13 wooden crosses, for each of the victims including 12 students and a teacher, became a traveling memorial of sorts. i was asked to carry the cross honoring william “dave” sanders, the teacher who died while saving as many of his students as possible. later in the program, i sang this song for a crowd of at least 2,500, which stand as my largest (human) audience thus far. that is, until somebody gets me on american idol.

Steven Curtis Chapman – Not Home Yet


can’t fight this feeling – reo speedwagon on may 10, 2002, one rene o’connell received 1 white, 1 yellow, and 1 red rose at her place of employment. no identifying card was included. later that evening, on the way to the first “nite strike” (all night youth event), i brought up the following: “rene, i think i love you…” (our friend has similarly hinted to a special friend once upon a time.) i picked up my phone, which had received a text message earlier. this was long before most of us used or relied on texting. it said: “[my secret] will u marry me?” we spent the whole night until morning celebrating with over 100 of our teenage friends. (she said yes.) rene had no idea at the time, but this song was playing in the background. i timed it just so.

REO Speedwagon – Can't Fight This Feeling (with lyrics)


the glory of love – peter cetera i’m pretty sure rene remembers this one a little better. i would hope so, because it was our first dance at, literally, a fairy tale wedding. i love you princess!

engagement steps   Cake   cake cutting

peter cetera – glory of love (Video Official) HD ""


thanks, all, for coming with me on this fun romp through just 24 of my 20,000 tracks. let’s do it again sometime.

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