how to use a traffic circle

the burden of being the only driver in kansas and missouri to understand how to use traffic circles correctly has finally become too much for me to bear. please allow me to enlighten the uninformed majority.

  1. in all traffic circles, enter to the right and proceed in a counterclockwise direction.
  2. for a 2-lane traffic circle (or “roundabout”), you may turn left from the left lane, or right from the right lane. do not turn left from the “outside” lane.
  3. you may proceed straight from either lane.
  4. for a single-lane circle, you may turn right, proceed straight, or continue around to turn left.
  5. here’s where it gets confusing, so pay close attention: there are no stop signs anywhere at a traffic circle. yield (see the “yield” signs?) to traffic already in the circle, but if no other cars are coming, you may enter without stopping.
  6. under no circumstances should you stop and use your turn signal, then wait for all traffic in other directions to abate.
  7. do not drive to the left/clockwise (see #1).

study carefully. there will be tests.

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  • Robert

    Good stuff, Andrew! Not sure why the Manhattan city commission decided to use the Iraqi method of traffic control – God knows Iraqis can’t drive – but this is going to be fun to watch student drivers run through. Suddenly, parallel parking becomes second in difficulty :-)