disqus amongst yourselves

as the eternal wordpress tinkerer, i’ve come across a pretty robust engine for facilitating blog comments and conversations from users across the web. it’s called disqus (pronounced “discuss”) and i’ve given it control of the comment process. (i hope it’s not a cousin of skynet.)

here’s how it works: you can login using one of numerous services, including disqus itself, facebook, twitter, openid, or yahoo. or you can also identify yourself with name and email, website optional. by the way, if you don’t have a gravatar, go get one. it will put your picture/icon wherever you use that email.

after somebody comments, you can reply directly and even “like” within the comment thread. it also lists when twitter or other social sharing sites refer back to the entry. you’ll also see links to follow a discussion through rss or emails when someone replies.

give it a try. you know you want to!

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  • http://thisisnotabout.me andrew burden

    very cool! come check out disqus.

  • http://thisisnotabout.me andrew burden

    here it is with twitter.

  • http://thisisnotabout.me andrew burden

    here i am with my disqus profile