He must capitalize, i must lowercase

you may have noticed that in many places on the site, i do not capitalize much, except for the content of the posts. i would say i do that on purpose as far as titles and such go. i’d have to tinker pretty deep in the style sheets to remove all capitalization, but i’ve tried to do what i can.

i’m not sure i’m ready to completely abandon all capitalization, as does marko. i am not comfortable with a zero-capitals policy. there is One Who shouldn’t be represented in lowercase letters if one also capitalizes the personal singular pronoun. even if you don’t, there’s a big difference between “god” and “God,” you know?

for now, perhaps i will toy with a protocol of only references to Deity getting capitals. then again, it may just be too hard to adjust. i think much faster than i can type, and that’s over 50 wpm. pausing to remember not to capitalize first letters and even “i” may simply slow me down too much.

oh well. it’s the intent that matters, right? what do you think?

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