into the wild blue (mission trip) yonder

I’ll be going somewhat off grid next week, but not completely. We head to Omaha for our Know Sweat trip early on Monday. I will endeavor to post as I’m able via Twitter and/or Facebook. You can also follow my communiques in one integrated timeline at If it can fit into 140 characters, I’ll probably tweet. If I take pictures on my phone, I’ll post to Facebook. I doubt I’ll be able to blog until I return, but one never knows.

Pray for our team! We’ll be gone from June 21-25. You can follow the “official” team blog (term used loosely to this purist). Also, the same page features a link to send any team member a “Happy Fun Note.” Write someone an encouraging note (say, for example, me) and our leaders will print it out and place it in our “Happy Fun Bag.” Just a little love from back home!

See you soon.

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