not one atta-boy, but three

Before I even got out of bed this morning, I caught up on email as I reengaged digitally to start a new week. I found that I didn’t need any eye drops to get my eyes moistened as I usually would after a night’s sleep. Two specific messages had me welling up.

One was from one of the senior high small group leaders, affirming my work on the senior videos that finally premiered last night. He began with acclaim for the high school pastor and ministry director, then said, “Andrew, your video story telling continues to get better each year and I am proud of you as well. Christ Community is a more beautiful bride today because of all of you.” Wow!

You must be the volunteer with the mostest.

As I scrolled through the email accounts, I had a “contact me” submission from a fellow blogger over at “Hip Mom’s Guide.” I found her site while Googling to see where my digital Sabbath article was being talked about. It’s also made quite a run through Twitter, and has extended its reach way beyond fellow youth leaders. Pretty cool, although searching always pops up a song by Black Sabbath called “Digital B**ch.” Anyway, I had commented on her post, clarifying that I was not in fact a paid youth pastor as she had thought. She said, “[W]ow, you sure seem like a youth pastor. You must be the volunteer with the mostest. My three boys have great youth group leaders, all of whom are involved at different levels/depths in their lives, and I appreciate that this is what you do with your time. Thank you.” What a blessing to hear that from someone I’ve never even met!

photo by apdk

I also had my annual review for my role as video editor and webmaster (which I have decided to combine into the term “digital media specialist”). As would just about anybody, I wanted to get through it, but I never have had good reason to be worried too much. Comments like “I’m thankful we have a qualified, capable individual to handle to computer side of things… it’s great to be able to trust him to take care of that well,” “he has so many ideas in his head,” and “he is an amazing resource and extremely valuable asset… it would be very hard to replace him” sure soften me to listen to constructive comments as to how I can continue to improve.

From several fronts, it was awesome to start this week feeling so well affirmed in the gifts God has given me to serve others and His kingdom. Although, as my high school staff colleague pointed out, we are each such adrenaline junkies that pulling off this year’s senior video project with so little stress and virtually no snafus this year sort of robbed us of that huge euphoric feeling of relief that we had come to rely on. Oh well. Can’t have it all.

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