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Hilarious series by Stephanie Caro at smallchurchyouthministry.com. For the record, I have never done any of these… more than once. Most I’ve never done at all. (I have an amazing collection of very modest pajama pants I wear at camp, retreats, and mission trips.) I love her challenges to youth pastors at the end. When I have time invested in me by staff members, when I get to use my gifts, and when I feel genuinely, specifically appreciated, I cannot imagine doing anything else with my time than pouring into students.


The worst story I’ve ever heard about “volunteers gone wild” was at this past SYMC. One of my new small church friends shared with the class how one of her volunteers brought a tazor gun on a youth retreat!

Last in the series; here are signs u MIGHT have an “OUTTA CONTROL VOLUNTEER:”

1) One of your guy volunteers asks if it’s ok if he sleeps in his bikini underwear on a youth retreat. (Another true story from my track at SYMC.) (This is a problem, btw.)

2) You have volunteers who’ve answered the call to hold up the walls of your youth room. Apparently, arms crossed is the official stance.

3) Two words: fanny pack

Read the read here.

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