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As I listened to Erwin McManus at Mosaic, a church in SoCal, talk about finding purpose in your work, I was immediately reminded of the parallel encouragement I gleaned from my recent read/listen of Linchpin. Seth Godin says, don’t waste time trying to find a job to match your passion. Bring passion to your work.

I have often stated in the past that although I do _________ for a paycheck, my true purpose is in ministering to kids. I’m revising that mindset. Whatever earns me a living, I need to bring to it all the passion and purpose available to me through living all of life with passion and purpose.

Give a listen to the message at the link below or subscribe via iTunes. And if you haven’t gotten a copy of Linchpin, read it or listen to it soon.

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Reality Check – Making It Work For You

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