fans stand still and sports leap forward

Pushback is fun… Despite my frustration with Frank Martin’s anger issues and the negative chants by fans (see Tuesday’s post), CBS Sports columnist Gregg Doyel makes an excellent point in his article yesterday:

K-State fans stand still and sports leap forward — hopefully

The revolution began Monday in Manhattan. Not the one in New York City. Nothing revolutionary happens in New York City. Smug people don’t start revolutions — they’re too busy patting themselves on the back for having the good sense to live in New York City.

This revolution started in Manhattan, Kan., and if we’re lucky it will sweep the nation. It would be a revolution of cool. It would be a revolution of perspective. It would be a revolution of self-respect.

On Monday the Kansas State basketball team defeated No. 1 Texas in front of 12,528 thrilled fans, and those 12,528 fans did something even more thrilling:

They didn’t rush the court.

Read full article here.

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