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This blog is not to promote a cause, a church, a religion or faith, or any other ideology. But it certainly reflects what I believe. I am a follower of Christ, and I love the bride of Christ embodied locally in Christ Community Church. I don’t assume all readers hold the same views as me. What I say will resonate with some and rub others the wrong way. It’s the risk of being authentic.

This blog is not a litany of daily personal trivia (you don’t care what I had for lunch). But it certainly reflects my experiences. Life is such a wonderful teacher. I fear we have neglected to mine the depths of serendipity these days, and how often we miss the glory in the mundane and ordinary patches of God-light in our lives. He shows up in the last places we expect to find Him, and too often we miss it.

This blog is not a platform for rants or diatribes. But it certainly reflects an angst that must be expressed when the broken condition the world is in that obscures the way it was meant to be, indeed the way it can and will be as we agents of redemption do our work. And it reflects a bright hope that the world can be transformed, one life at a time.

This blog is not about parenting tips, educational theory, or “vocational” youth ministry. But parents, teachers, and full time youth pastors will certainly be able to find something of value from time to time. I write only what I personally experience and can articulate.

This blog is not about making me money. But I certainly will tell you about what I find valuable, media that honors the good, the true, the beautiful, writing that challenges me, things that arrest my attention and force me to see things with new eyes. If you decide to click through and buy something, I’ll make a small percentage. Like, enough to buy some gum. If I save up.

This blog is not a pontification of my expert knowledge and “how to fix this area in six easy steps.” But when I learn something for myself, I certainly don’t assume I am unique. A reader might just benefit more than I have.

This blog is not a means of “personal branding,” rooting for job opportunities, or building a business. But I certainly want to share what’s going on in my life, and that will include career development. If someone knows of an opportunity I ought to look into, I won’t turn away the lead.

This blog is not about building a “tribe” for myself. But I certainly don’t mind meeting or reconnecting with new readers. Something is stirring in me, and I really hope I’m not the only one who thinks something needs to be done about it. (In a nutshell, volunteer youth leaders are among the most under-resourced people in the church. No sob stories, just assessing reality as I see it.) If you find value in what I say, share this blog with someone else.

This blog is not about me. Of course it is about my life. But no matter how I earn my living, my deepest fulfillment in life has always come from loving God and serving students.

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