what do you see?

When you look at a group of teenagers, or preteens, or college students, what do you see?

The gym has been extremely crowded the past few days, even at times I wouldn’t expect it to be. The weight room is overflowing with high schoolers flexing and preening, and the basketball courts (and Cafe, and pool) have been packed with middle school kids with nothing in particular to do. A week of snow days following winter vacation can do that.

When I see groups of kids at the gym, at the mall, at their schools, or wherever they are, I wonder… What do people see?

Mall security and store owners see a nuisance to be managed. Marketers see decades of brand loyalty and billions of dollars of purchasing power to be harnessed. Insurance companies see high risk to be offset by higher premiums. Predators see potential victims to be groomed. (Some) church leaders see damaged walls to pay for, negative influence to protect against, or perhaps salvation decisions to be counted.

I see… the future. Potential. Relationships to form and nurture. Stories to learn. Precious young image-bearers often without a clue how to genuinely relate to their Creator.

What do you see?

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