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Partly I wanted to test just exactly how cool the WordPress 2.9 feature of inline video embedding is.

I also wanted to share one of my favorite and most well received videos ever. Not to brag on myself, because “all I did was knock her together,” to quote shipbuilder Thomas Andrews in the movie Titanic. He publicly gave credit for the idea for the historic ship to Bruce Ismay, and I give credit for ideas whenever I can to to their rightful initiators. Late this summer, Emily and Reid came to me and said, “we’d like to do another Sonic-style video to highlight our need for volunteers.” They provided a couple takes of footage, and all I had to do was do some cutting and packaging. But the true brilliance was theirs from start to finish.

One other reason I wanted to bring up this video and the topic it points to is that something continues to stir in me about being a volunteer youth leader. I have been for almost 18 years, and I have no intention of slowing down. It seems like most of the resources in youth ministry are directed to paid professional youth workers, and much of what pops in a web search for “volunteer youth ministry” may be about volunteers, but it is usually still directed at the “paid-to-be-gooders.” I think I have something to contribute that will help that. When it seems prudent, I will share more specific dreams and plans, but I will need help from a lot of friends. Pray for me?

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