gotta love em

Every time I’m tempted toward frustration by the squirrelly, goofy antics amongst my group of 6th graders, God smacks me over the head with a reminder of how much more He loves and cares for them. Much more than I ever could.

Yes, today they wouldn’t sit still, if they would sit with us at all. Yes, they talked when they knew they weren’t supposed to. Yes, they put their feet up on the chairs in front of them. Like, so far up they’d give a back massage with their feet to anyone who sat in that chair.

But, oh, to hear them pray. We had asked the kids to pray for their families and people who need to know the love of God this Christmas. My heart melted as I listened to one pray for a classmate whose house recently burned. Another prayed that they would all focus not on the presents but on the true meaning of Christmas. Another prayed for our friends in the Philippines who make the Threads Of Hope bracelets our students have been so enthusiastically selling. And they each were visibly disappointed when my turn to pray got cut off by the time coming to a close.

I’ve said (well, tweeted) it before, and I say it again. Never, ever give up on the students in your world.

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