worth the dime?

The other day as I found a locker to get settled into at Life Time Fitness, I saw a dime on the floor. Now, a penny I would have let lie. But a dime – of course I bent over to pick it up. Trouble was, I hadn’t yet set my gym bag down on the bench. Inside that bag was my shaker with my little pre-workout protein drink. One of those GNC gizmos with a wire ball inside to mix efficiently. And the lid was not closed.


Imagine my consternation when I opened my bag to find gooey chocolate drink (almost) everywhere on my stuff. My swimsuit took the brunt of it, but it still got all over the insides of the bag, not to mention my hands, the bench, and I think even the floor. In the process, I got incredibly flustered and my workout just did not go terribly well.

Big deal? It didn’t have to be. But that’s exactly what leads me to talk about it here. How many “dimes” have I gotten sidetracked on, only to realize after the fact that the ultimate cost was way more than any possible reward? How many times have I chosen 10ȼ worth of personal pride, convenience, or just plain selfishness, at the cost of a damaged relationship, an escalated discipline situation, a lost ministry opportunity?

Just saying.

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