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I’m starting a “new” job Monday. It’s actually a job I had for almost 5 years, until Labor Day last year. I would not be returning to it, except I couldn’t do the job I had lined up for the summer. I was “supposed” to be a lifeguard leader, which means that I would have supervised high school age lifeguards at a couple subdivision pools. I would also do some shifts in the lifeguard role itself. BUT… during training, I was trying to demonstrate a deep-water rescue skill. As I submerged with the “victim” (another lifeguard in training), I dislocated my right shoulder for the fifth time in about 12 years. The first three times meant ER visits and long rehab periods. The last two times just involved popping it back in (ironically these were both in water – the last one was at Ocean of Fun), taking some pain reliever, putting ice on it, and taking it easy for a few days.

Soooo, if I can’t perform the rescue skills I can’t complete the training. If I can’t complete the training I can’t be a lifeguard. If I can’t be a lifeguard, I can’t be a lifeguard leader. Therefore, no summer job. My job at the gym had disappeared when I “took a break” in February to do a long-term sub assignment and was too busy; every part-time job I applied for wasn’t interested since they knew it wouldn’t be very long-term. (One place gave me a $5 coupon for my time. Oo. Wow.)

So, I’m back to the place I was a year ago, only now I’m wondering if I’ll remember how to do everything. Like riding a bike I suppose.

Nothing more thought-provoking than this. I’m still pondering what I want to say on the topic of what exactly the point is of labeling music as “Christian.”

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