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Hey, everyone. I have finally figured out how to log in to my Blogger account again. What I’ve been meaning to do for a while is lay out the podcasts I listen to. So, that’s what this blog will be. Clicking on the links will direct your iTunes to that podcast page. You can download iTunes 7 here if you don’t already have it.

Video podcasts:

Audio podcasts related to postmodernism/ emerging church/ church leadership:

  • Catalyst – interviews with cutting edge church leaders
  • Donald Miller – author of “Blue Like Jazz” – not ever really updated
  • Emergent – conversations and lectures from friends of Emergent U.S.
  • The Nick and Josh podcast – a couple of weirdoes from the Atlanta area – I mostly listen when they interview the “big names” in the emergent conversation

Audio podcasts related to music and culture:

  • Derek Webb – former singer of Caedmon’s Call – very honest and thought-provoking
  • Relevant – the audio companion to Relevant magazine
  • Worship Ireland – some cool original songs and a sermon in thick Irish brogue
  • xxxchurch.com – from the website – incorporates the formerly separate Dirty Little Secrets podcast (which had become my favorite!) – both video and audio

Audio podcasts related to youth ministry:

  • Barefoot Ministries – interesting perspectives on youth work
  • Youth Specialties – interviews and tips from the resource provider
  • HomeWord – Jim Burns’ radio show – technically for parents, but often gives good insight into how to minister to kids and their families as well as giving tips for my own life

“The rest” of the audio I subscribe to:

So, that’s it. A handful of them are updated daily or weekly, some monthly, and some whenever they get around to a new upload. The net effect is that they stagger out enough to be manageable. I am a little behind right now as I was gone over the weekend and had some new activity. I never listen to the radio live anymore as I’m always listening to these podcasts or my current audiobook, which happens right now to be “Rumors of Another World” by Phillip Yancey.

Have a great week, all!

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