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I’m sitting and waiting for the “other” computer to work on something for the video from the Rapid City trip, so I’ve got a second to spare. Why not blog about the campout?

The night itself was not too bad. My earplugs kept out a good deal of the nightly noises. I did wake up pre-5 AM to the sound of water falling onto/into the tent. This came as a shock as we were not expecting any rain at all – and had not put the rain fly up! Turns out it was SO humid that we were essentially inside a giant cloud all night. About 4:30 AM, the outside temperature fell to the condensation point. We were right under a tree, so the condensation collected on the leaves and dripped right into our tent. I got up and threw the rain fly on, sloppily. Fun!

The highlight of the trip for me was the 3-4 hour float trip. I had never been on anything like that, and haven’t really been serious-canoeing either. (Rene told me she once had to canoe down a river all day as the “final” for her canoeing class in college.) The kids loved it! Between a water snake, a too-short rope over the water that no one could really reach, and my own adventure getting sucked under branches and almost losing my tube (and wedding ring…), the day was great. I did get pretty fried in the sun.

I don’t have anything earth-shattering to report as far as conversations go. But, I am thankful for a great bunch of students along on the trip. OK, so they ate live bugs (and headless moths) in the middle of the night. But there were no problems. They were cooperative, hard working when it was time to work, and there were no worries whatsoever about “purpling.” (Boys are blue, girls are pink, we don’t need to make purple…) I enjoyed my time, despite myself I suppose.

If you’re still holding out for something profound in this here blog, I’m mulling some things over. A thought I’d like to think through: Do you have to be a Christian to be a follower of Christ? I’ll explain what I mean, perhaps next week.

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